Hailing from Barcelona, New York and London, the Living Cities Forum 2018 will bring together leading thinkers to ruminate on urban issues at the global and local level.

Carme Pinós set up her own studio in 1991 after winning international recognition for her work with Enric Miralles. Since then, she has worked on numerous projects ranging from urban refurbishments and public works to furniture design. 


Australian-born architect, filmmaker and performer Liam Young is the founder of the urban futures think tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today as well as the award-winning nomadic workshop Unknown Fields Division.

In a design world often dominated by globally recognisable branded celebrities, the London-based creative collective Assemble actively resists the historical cliche of the lone genius.



Saskia Sassen is a world renowned sociologist, urban thinker and keen observer of the interplay of economics and society.

Nicholas Lobo Brennan is co-founder of London-based Apparata Architects with Astrid Smitham. Apparata Architects design and construct buildings, furniture and books: tools for everyday life that open up unknown possibilities.




David Neustein is co-director of Other Architects, Associate of the UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, and resident architectural critic for Australian politics, society and culture journal The Monthly

Andrew Mackenzie is a Director of URO Publications: an independent Australian publisher of books on architecture and design. For over a decade Uro has published award winning monographs, historical surveys, collected essays and limited editions.